Many more have followed in’s footsteps after introducing internet-only news publishing in Bangladesh a decade and a half ago, but not all follow common journalistic rules and principles.

In 2020, the government decided to register newspapers online with the aim of ensuring professional journalism. More than 250 information portals have received registration authorization.

Now, the new decision on pre-registration aims to bring order to the country’s digital news media, the minister said on Wednesday on a Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters Forum or BSRF broadcast on Wednesday.

“We have kept registration in progress for those who are already online. But we started the registration protocol much later.

“A newspaper has to make a statement, otherwise it can’t go as far as publication. The same should apply to online publishers, ”said Hasan Mahmud.

“So we’re going to bring the online registration process to a standardized level. We have had discussions that online portals will need to register before the information service starts.

The minister also said that IPTV channels still broadcasting information ignoring government guidelines would be shut down. IPTV is the streaming of television content over Internet Protocol networks.

“IPTVs are a new medium across the world. It will not be appropriate to close them. But such chains should not be allowed to proliferate in an uncontrolled manner. So we started the registration process for IPTVs. Those who are really ready to stay will be registered.

Hasan Mahmud added that any IPTV with a name similar to a cable TV channel will not be allowed to register.

He said IPTV microphones will need to be different from TV channels so that people at events can recognize them easily.

Foreign channels with advertisements have been shut down in Bangladesh since October 1 following government directives. The minister said they will be available once they send in healthy food.

“The cable operators have told me that foreign channels will send clean streams now. I said we would let them broadcast once they did. Why haven’t they sent clean feeds for a long time? It’s their [foreign channels] responsibility for sending clean food. If they’re doing it for other countries, why don’t they send it here?

The minister said the country’s media will benefit from the decision and that the decision was taken in “the best interests of the country”.

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