Sustainability is gaining ground in the consciousness of young people, national leaders, businessmen and others. According to Greta Thunberg, sustainability is about finding ways of operating that do not harm the environment.

It is also about being attentive to how our actions affect the environment and communities, and ensuring that resources are not destroyed. Charities cannot afford to miss this. Indeed, charities should lead the way. And we’re here to lend a hand.

In this article, we go over some simple ideas for promoting environmental sustainability.

Tell people

One of the best ways for charities to be sustainable is to be accountable for actions.

Using social media, websites and emails to communicate new initiatives keeps audiences engaged. Stay honest by letting the public know what you are doing. The public could even contribute funding or volunteer efforts.

Measure your impact

To get your home in order, measure how you run your charity.

The The UK government’s digital resource is a great place to start. They offer advice on how to interpret your electricity, gas consumption, fuel and waste disposal measurements and what that looks like in terms of CO2 emissions. All that is needed to do a quick math are utility bills. Once you have an estimate of the usage, start reducing the impact.

Additionally, for charities, employees and volunteers, understanding the carbon footprint can spur change. WWF offers a free carbon footprint calculator. Ask employees to complete the questionnaire. Use the results in a workplace challenge to reduce the impact of CO2.

Commit to fighting climate change

To really add firepower behind lasting commitments, sign up for the Donor commitment on climate change. Digital Engagement is a list of six actions that are helping UK charities step up their actions against climate change.

The list of distinguished signatories so far includes The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Comic Relief and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Recycle digital devices

Make sure charitable operations include a digital device recycling program.

Rather than issuing new devices for newcomers, reuse laptops, cell phones, and printers. After recycling the material internally, check to see if there are any local charities that accept donations.

Donate to Air ambulance or the Turing’s confidence to make sure old computers are being used for the best. The two charities erase the devices and use them for fundraising and education.

For charities without unwanted devices, make sure you have a recycling program. Charities with retail outlets need second-hand clothing, housewares and knick-knacks.

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