Chinese state media estimates that more than 5 million pre-orders have been made for the iPhone 13 line, and the volume has exceeded Apple’s website in China.

The new iPhone 13 Pro

China started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 13 line ahead of the United States, and early reports claimed that sales exceeded those of the iPhone 12 in 2020. Now Chinese state media say the total number pre-orders for the phones in the lineup exceeded 5 million. .

According to South China Morning Post, the figure counts pre-orders on third-party sites as well as Apple’s own online store. Chinese retailer alone has reported more than 3 million pre-orders.

Apple’s website in China was reportedly slowed down at a breakneck pace during the first day of pre-order. A #ApplesWebsiteIsDown hashtag was all the rage on social media site Weibo, garnering over 460 million views.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max was the first to go out of stock, but it was reportedly followed closely by all iPhone 13 models. Delivery dates are now expected to begin in the second week of October, as opposed to on the initial date of September 24.

The South China Morning Post attributes the strong sales in part to lower prices in the region. He also says Apple is taking advantage of how, due to US trade sanctions, Huawei’s latest P50 and P50 Pro phones lack 5G.

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