The VMAs are this weekend, and with performances from superstars like Olivia rodrigo, Lil Nas X, Foo fighters, and Doja cat, the awards ceremony could give us one of its best ceremonies to date. Let’s dive into the top five general categories and see which performers might choose a lunar person at the event.

Video of the year

In my mind, this is a two-man race between two controversial music videos: Cardi B and Megan you stallion“WAP” and “Montero (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X.” Both garnered attention during the eligibility period, and both were praised and criticized for their take on sexuality, be it ‘WAP’s’ direct take on sexuality and empowerment. women or “Montero’s” exploration of Nas’ sexual orientation. As such, it’s hard to choose between the two. I’m going to go with Nas’ “Montero” only because Nas has a lot of hype right now with his most recent single “Industry Baby” too, but both videos would be equally deserving. In the event that neither of them wins, “Kiss Me More” by Doja cat and SZA would make the most sense as a third solid right now.

Artist of the year

This category is difficult to predict for two reasons. First, it’s relatively new, having first released in 2017, which means there isn’t a clear blueprint for the winners yet. Second, and more importantly, the category is full of superstars with great fandoms. Considering that Doja Cat has had both a huge year (several hit singles plus the hit album “Planet Her”) and passionate fans, and that she is also hosting the awards this year, I will be accompanying her. for the victory here. However, I would pay attention to Justin bieber Where Ariana Grande; Grande would be the first to win twice, having already won this award in 2019.

Song of the year

This is another category where “WAP” might get away with. However, with BTS“Dynamite” you should be careful. BTS fans have complained on the lack of nominations for the boy group in the general categories, so that the army can give its support to “Dynamite”. Finally, also keep an eye out for Olivia Rodrigo, whose “Driver’s License” has been a defining success for the year, and she is arguably the biggest star of the year. Fans and MTV may want to pay tribute to him with an equally big award. And speaking of Rodrigo …

Best New Artist

You’re going to have to get used to reading “Olivia Rodrigo will win Best New Artist” throughout the season. She had three resounding hits, including two number one (“Driving License” and “Bon 4 U”). Her debut album “Sour” was a smash hit, ranking number one for five weeks and consistently making the top five since her debut. The point is, Rodrigo is huge, and that will likely result in a BNA sweep at awards shows, much like last year’s winner Doja Cat (although unlike Doja, Rodrigo will likely go all the way and win. also the Grammy). If for some reason you want to predict upheaval, Kid LAROI is hands down the second biggest nominated artist, so he is probably the finalist.

Better collaboration

It will probably be a face-to-face meeting between “WAP” and “Kiss Me More”. Since MTV likes to spread wealth, I’m going to give this one to “WAP”; Doja Cat is already quite possibly the Artist of the Year. That said, Lady Gaga won both Artist of the Year and Outstanding Collaboration last year, so take that with a grain of salt.

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